31, Finance Manager

"Leila was very easy to talk to. I was nervous beforehand.  It felt more like I was thinking aloud than actually talking to a therapist. It felt genuine and not at all awkward. I now feel like a weight has been lifted. I am feeling much more able to cope with the feeling I had about my break-up. I still think about it but those thoughts are less and don’t linger and spoil a whole day like they used to. I would definitely recommend Leila to a friend and that would mainly be because she made the whole experience so effortless.” 


34, Dentist

"Leila has a calm approach. She made me feel safe and was very understanding. I have noticed a change in that I am less self-judgmental and I am dealing with challenges in a better and different way. The hypnosis has helped me to focus on specific tasks and detach from everyday thoughts and distractions. I would definitely recommend Leila. I felt she had insight and understands why certain situations can challenge our mind and she had a way of guiding me into overcoming those challenges."


31, Mental Health Practitioner

"I have noticed that I feel more confident and happy since my sessions with Leila. I was quite sceptical before my first session and have been surprised at the positive difference that session made. I have been able to apply what we discussed and am happier and more confident as a result. Leila is empathetic and professional. She helped me to see how to join the dots between my feelings and behaviour.”


31, Female

"I feel like a new person. I had the perfect opportunity to see how well things have worked last night. I had a first date with a guy who was perfectly nice but just no spark there. Normally I would have been devastated for the rest of the evening and a few days after about how nobody would ever compare to my ex and that I was never going to find anybody. Instead I just shook it off, took it as a learning experience and was able to move on. It was incredibly refreshing”


35, Executive Assistant

"Leila has an incredibly calm and friendly manner, as well as a natural ability to hold a safe space. I now feel less anxious and have more awareness to the triggers that set off the behaviours we worked on. I would most definitely recommend Leila. Her method of Cognitive Hypnotherapy can really help target specific issues and quickly identify what is beneath them.”